About Us


I am Christine Taylor and I am the Owner of Bloom Fabric Shop.  Bloom is an online shop located in Grand Valley, Ontario, Canada!

Let me tell you a bit about me...

My love for sewing and fabrics started when I was a young girl and my Mom picked up a basket of fabric scraps from a neighborhood garage sale.  I spent hours turning those scraps into dresses and outfits for my Barbie dolls with nothing more than a pair of scissors and a needle and thread. I must say, they were the best dressed dolls in the neighborhood!

I come from a long line of sewers.  My Nan and my Mom were both quilters, dressmakers, and seamstresses in their spare time.  I would often watch them take cuts of fabric from their stash and turn it into something beautiful with such ease.  Sewing and quilting intimidated me at first and it took me until I was about 24 years old before I decided to try my hand at actually making my first quilt.  I carefully selected my fabrics, planned out my blocks and (with the help of my Mom) got down to business sewing it together.  That quilt was the first of many that my hands would make over the next few years.  I went on from there learning all I could about sewing, quilting, and making things from fabric.  I even started my first business after my son was born to earn a bit of extra income with my new found sewing hobby. One of my favorite parts about sewing is the hunt to find the perfect fabric for the project. I have always been attracted to fabrics with bright pops of color and fun design elements from modern fabric designers. Over the years my business has grown and while trying to source fabrics for my products on a smaller scale, I found it difficult to find these types of fabrics locally in my own community and surrounding area. This is where the idea of opening a fabric shop began.  Bloom fabric shop is a way for me to curate those fun and modern fabrics and share my love of fabrics, tools, notions, and passion for sewing with other businesses, crafters, and hobbyists.